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Our consulting services include:


    Independent evaluation and design of corporate and organizational risk management programs

    Conducting the risk identification process to determine exposures faced by organizations

    Analyzing potential loss exposures and determining appropriate action

    Detailed review and analysis of existing insurance coverages and their suitability to your potential loss exposures

    Does the Insurance coverage of your Vendors or Contractors comply with your  Contract requirements?  Our proprietary Coverage Compliance Verification provides the answers

    Creating appropriate conventional and alternative loss control mechanisms

    Evaluation and design of effective safety and loss control programs

    Expert analysis, design, and negotiation of effective Contractual transfer and Indemnification Agreements for Managing Risk.

    Performing strategic analysis for risk management departments

    Conducting feasibility studies for alternative risk financing programs.

    Recommending optimum method of funding loss; i.e., internal cost programs, self funding, self insurance, captive insurance

      Performing statistical analysis to determine proper level of risk retention and transfer 

    Analyzing potential loss exposures and determining suitable insurance coverage specifications

    Independent oversight of Brokers and the insurance bidding and selection process

    Conducting risk assessments of professional liability and employment practices liability exposures and developing loss control mechanisms with a defensible posture

    Analyzing claims management programs

    Integration of the complexities and interdependencies of Risk Management, Insurance, Compliance, and other Contract and Regulatory issues

    Functional application of tort, corporate, and compliance law to the risk management process

    Expert Construction Defect Liability Analysis and Programs, Construction Defect Workshops, as well as Wrap Policy Consulting & Workshops.

    Dynamic public speaking, teaching, and conference speaking

      Holistic design of Risk Management programs that result in superior protection of company assets with significant reduction in overall costs 

      Our proprietary Coverage Compliance Verification Risk Management Program verifies compliance with your Contract Insurance Coverage requirements


For information on how our consulting services can benefit your organization,

 please contact us.


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