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"Wraps, Gaps, & Contract Traps" Workshop


Robert J. Marshburn, CRM, CIC, ARM, CRIS, CISC



Wrap policies (OCIPs, CCIPs, etc.) are becoming increasingly popular for certain types of construction projects.  These contracts are not standardized and there are many dangers involved with Wraps.  


This workshop provides understanding of Wrap Insurance policies, their application and usage; as well as their advantages and disadvantages.  It provides insight of dangerous gaps; how policy language affects coverage; Contractual and Indemnification liability issues; as well as practical information on how to effectively manage and reduce the risk.


Includes examination and application of the critical new Anti-Indemnity legislation Contract Provisions and the latest ISO Endorsements.


Among the matters covered are:


         The essential elements and purpose of Wraps.

         How Wraps work in practice.

         Advantages and Disadvantages.

         What coverages are included and excluded.

         What are the Gaps and how can I avoid them?

         How can I synchronize Wraps contractually with my standard Insurance policy?

         How do Wraps relate especially to Construction Defect issues?  

         What are the Contract and Indemnification Traps and how can I handle them?  

         How the new anti-indemnity legislation affects Contract Indemnity Provisions for Developers, GCs, and Subs.

         A check list of Wrap dangers. 

         What contract language is best? 

         How can I negotiate Wraps for more favorable terms?

         How can I manage the risks associated with Wraps to prevent and reduce problems?


Mr. Marshburn has gained a National reputation as an Expert, Consultant, and Educator specializing in solving Wrap related issues.  His bio may be found by clicking on the Biographical Profile link below. 


Our Coverage Compliance Verification program works to facilitate, document, and verify the contractor's compliance with your Contract Insurance Coverage Requirements


We do a considerable amount of client consulting and seminars on these and related issues and would be happy to consult with you or your clients.  If you would like information on how our consulting services can benefit your business in this area, or if you would like to arrange for this, or another custom workshop, please contact us


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