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Coverage Compliance Verification© Program


Robert J. Marshburn, CRM, CIC, ARM, CRIS, CISC



Much time and expense is involved to establish Indemnity and Insurance requirements from your Vendor/Contractors to protect them and you from the liabilities they can cause.  How do you know if they are actually complying with your Insurance requirements, especially with so many Insurance Companies issuing “Restricted Coverage” policies?


How do policy exclusions affect the Vendor/Contractor?  There is no coverage.  How do they affect the Additional Insured named on their policy?  The same way - There is no coverage! 


Many things NOT shown on Certificates of Insurance (COIs) endanger your Liability protection from the Contractor’s Insurance Policy if there is substandard coveragemany of which they or their insurance Brokers may not even know about!

1.     COIs will NOT show if coverage complies with your Contractual requirements – the Certificate of Insurance picks and chooses what to tell you – and it's not the important things!

2.     COIs will NOT show “Restricted Coverage” policy exclusions & endorsements that result in NO coverage, or reduced coverage for you – There are many of them!

        a.     Restrictions, Exclusions, or Limitations for location, types of ongoing or completed operations, type of work, etc

3.     COIs will NOT show exclusions or limitations for Contractual liability coverage, changes to the “insured Contract” definition, or Vendor/Contractor employee “action over” exclusions—all of which result in no coverage for your Indemnification on very expensive matters!

4.     COIs will NOT show exclusions for Property Damage liability done by Subcontractors

5.     COIs will NOT show Prior work exclusions, including:

        a.     Montrose exclusions, Continuous injury coverage exclusions, Modification of Occurrence definition, Continuous and Progressive or Pre-existing Damage endorsements.

        b.     All of these endorsements can have the effect of deleting Completed Operations Coverage, including Construction Defect coverage for you!

6.     COIs will NOT show “Contractor’s endorsements” that change or exclude coverages that are otherwise included in standard policy provisions!

7.     COIs will NOT show waiver(s) of subrogation – they must be attached as actual copies of policy endorsements.

8.     COIs will NOT show if coverage is primary for Underlying & Excess policy(ies)

9.     COIs will NOT show specific Additional Insured Endorsements & Compliance for ongoing and completed operations – they must be attached as actual copies of policy endorsements.

10.   COIs will NOT show details of any large SIR endorsements and dangers.

11.   COIs will NOT show verification of Insurance for any Subs hired by your Contractor.

The worst part – Under many of the Additional Insured forms, your Contract must specifically and correctly Require (1) the limits and (2) the extent of coverage or there is NO coverage beyond the Contract Requirements even if the policy would otherwise have provided for the coverage!  Click the following link to see how No clear Contract Requirement = NO COVERAGE!


If you are relying on Certificates of Insurance, you may have Document compliance with all your requirements, but may very well not have Coverage Compliance© due to policy exclusions and limitations such as those shown above!


Our Coverage Compliance Verification© (CCV) Program handles these issues and more.  This is much more than a Certificate of Insurance tracking system—Our Program actually verifies Coverage Compliance© with your customized Contract Insurance Requirements for each item for each Contractor!


HOW IT WORKS—Upon receipt of (1) your brief Intake information including your preferences and (2) your Contractual Insurance Coverage Requirements, we provide you

1.     An Addendum (if needed) of valuable Insurance requirements that may not be in your Agreement's Insurance Requirements and are important to the verification of  Coverage Compliance© along with Risk Management provisions and detection of the coverage gaps, exclusions, difficulties, and complexity of Traditional or Wrap-Up insurance policies.

2.     We Prepare and Provide the Insurance Requirements Guide for the Contractor/Vendor and do all data entry.

3.     We work with Contractors to facilitate and verify Coverage Compliance© and keep you advised of communications.

4.     We upload all data and documentation of Coverage Compliance© (or Non-Compliance) to the website for each item of your Insurance requirements for the Contractor along with copies of all documents and communication.  Real time Status and comprehensive search features with password protection are available at all times on the website for each item for every Contractor for all Projects.

5.     All communication is based upon your staffing model choices and contact preferences, your specific insurance requirements, and our proprietary Coverage Compliance Verification© system with our large Database of Restricted, Prohibited, and Approved endorsements helping to identify policies or endorsements that could reduce or exclude your coverage protection.

Since not all things can be automated, in addition to working with and overseeing the Coverage Compliance Verification© online system, if you desire Risk Management consultation regarding special circumstancesperhaps requiring higher limits or additional coverage; or a reduction or waiver of some requirements for specific items or projects; or assistance with an initial setup or review of your Insurance Specifications or Indemnity requirementswe are available on a reduced fee basis in connection with the Coverage Compliance Verification© program. 


If you would like to investigate the labor-saving and risk-reduction cost benefits of the Coverage Compliance Verification© Program please contact me directly at Bob@CertifiedRiskManagers.com or my direct line at 949-613-7075, or you can get started with a personalized demo of the program by filling out and returning to my email the questionnaire here.


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