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Robert J. Marshburn, CRM, CIC, ARM, CRIS, CISC

Robert J. Marshburn is the founder and principal of R. J. Marshburn & Associates, Certified Risk Managers.com, an independent risk management consulting and educational firm.  In independent industry evaluations, Mr. Marshburn is consistently rated as one of the nation's top Risk Management Consultants and Educators.  He has been in risk management for over 30 years.


Mr. Marshburn works as an outsourced risk manager, as an independent consultant to clients, and in association with other professionals with their clients.  He is a dynamic public speaker, teacher, and conference speaker on risk management and insurance  topics.


Mr. Marshburn is a nationally recognized expert in the field of risk management and specializes in the analysis, design, implementation, and teaching of risk management programs. He is the founder of Certified Construction Risk Managers, a specialty firm created  to address the challenges posed in Construction Risk, especially Construction Defect and Mold Liability, Contractual Issues, Wrap Policy Dangers, as well as our proprietary Certified HomeBuilder Risk Management Program. 


Mr. Marshburn holds the professional designations of Certified Risk Manager (CRM), Associate in Risk Management (ARM), Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC), Construction Risk & Insurance Specialist (CRIS), and Certified Insurance Specialist in Construction (CISC).


To better understand the Risk Management programs designed and implemented by Mr. Marshburn, see the "What we do" and "Consulting Services" sections. They include information on the process of identification and evaluation of potential loss exposures, safety and loss control techniques, contractual transfer and indemnification programs, and risk financing models that result in sophisticated protection of company assets with significant reduction in overall costs.


Mr. Marshburn is an appealing, frequent speaker before various groups on risk management and insurance topics.  He was an original, designated member of the National Faculty for the Certified Risk Manager Program teaching advanced Risk Management courses leading to qualification for the CRM professional designation. 

He also served as a consultant in developing the CRM program on the Curricula Advisory Committee.  He authored Graduate courses and teaches workshops in Construction Defect Isssues, Contracts as a Tool in Managing Risk, and Wrap-Up Policies.


He is the co-creator and author of the Certified Insurance Specialist in Construction (CISC) professional designation that later merged with the Construction Risk & Insurance Specialist (CRIS) program from the International Risk Management Institute which he also teaches.  In addition, he serves as an Instructor & Consultant to the Insurance Education Association and their Advisory Council.


Mr. Marshburn has been retained as a consultant, educator, and expert witness for some of the nation's premier public entities, builders, manufacturers, risk managers, carriers, developers, brokers, consultants, attorneys, industry and trade associations, and educational organizations.


Professional Education:


The Society of Certified Insurance Counselors - CIC

Certified Risk Managers International - CRM

Insurance Institute of America - ARM

Insurance Skills Center - CISC

International Risk Management Institute (IRMI) - CRIS

American Hardware Mutual - Commercial Insurance Specialist


Professional Experience:


National Faculty Instructor CRMI

Industry and Association Conference Speaker

Expert Consultant & Witness

National Faculty Instructor SCIC

Insurance Educational Association Workshop Instructor

National Faculty Instructor CISC

International Risk Management Institute Classroom Instructor CRIS


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